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This page is dedicated to Nikola Tesla, Serbian born, genius of electricity who granted us the light and civilised life with his AC electric power, when in 1896 Tesla's AC Polyphase system was implemented  at the hydroelectric power plant on the Niagara Falls, giving the birth of the 20th century. Since, the very same system has been implemented all across the world giving us the electricity power, a juice of our lives, with a simple flick of a switch, that vast majority take for granted. The Sun has been great Tesla's inspiration, as the Sun inspires my music. Thank you Tesla, thank you Sun!

Nikola Tesla 1856 - 1943
No Tesla no nothing!

Tesla’s inventions: among over 700 patents, include: Radio, The Hydroelectric Generator, AC Power, Polyphase System, AC Motor, Rotating Magnets Field, Fluorescent Light, The Rotary Engine, The Bladeless Turbine, Radio Imaging - the precursor to radar… 
Essential reading: "The Man Who Invented The Twentieth Century" by Dr Robert Lomas, Bradford University, Yorkshire.
With a big Thanks to Dr Robert Lomas and with his permission, here is a finale cut from his book: "I sit here surrounded by Tesla’s legacy: my electric-powered computer at my side in my study, lit by fluorescent electric light, heated by water pumped by an AC induction motor, listening to music broadcast on my mains-powered radio. As my scanner and Internet modem sit on desk, ready to send and receive pictures and messages round the world, I am using Tesla’s legacy. When you next see a line of electricity pylons carrying the power that grants you a civilised life, put one hand in your pocket and spare a moment to thank Nikola Tesla, the lonely, forgotten, long-winded, obsessive, brilliant man who gave this to you."
Tesla summed up his own life in these few words: "I continually experience an inexpressible satisfaction from the knowledge that my Polyphase system
is used throughout the world to lighten the burdens of mankind and increase comfort and happiness, and that my wireless system, in all its essential features, is employed to render a service to and bring pleasure to people in all parts of the world. "
Only a truly beautiful human being could express their God sent mission in this way. Nothing else is taken for granted like the electric power, likewise inhumanly denied, exploited, suppressed and "forgotten" man who granted us the mother and father of all our modern technologies and civilisation.

Now, try this just once >

Turn off all the electric power in your home for the moment, sit and close your eyes and just imagine your life without it!
Tesla has never received “Nobel Prize“! While many other have received or receive it for less, little or nothing.

Pylons are beautiful. Birds love Pylons and Tesla.

Every pylon everywhere in the world caries Tesla’s blood, The Electricity, to every office, every venue, every factory… every home, your home… to lighten your existence. So, the next time you see one of these pylons spare a moment to thank the Man who gave to you so much. And, don’t be a hypocrite, pylons are beautiful.

Dedicated to Nikola Tesla > > >

The Power Plant >

Where it all starts... A nuclear power plant in the south of England.

Music book and album ALONE, dedicated to Tesla >

The CD album and music book ALONE marked 160 years since birth of Tesla and 120 years since birth of modern civilisation, Niagara Falls and Tesla's Polyphase AC system. To watch the video for the book click HERE, or go to Hear Me Live - Videos page of the website. To purchase the book go to our Web Store.

ALONE album launch concert at POSK arts centre, London, 2013.

Tesla and Branco... To watch the video for the album click HERE, or go to Hear Me Live - Videos page of the website.

Special event celebrating NIkola Tesla >

Talk about Tesla by Avram Balabanovic 6pm, Recital by Branco 7pm. Saturday, 24 February 2024, Serbian Month in the UK, The Hall of Episkop Nikolaj, at St. Sava, Serbian Orthodox Church, 89 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QQ.  Full programme click HERE. Brochure in PDF HERE.

Aurora Tesla

New epic version of the composition dedicated to Tesla, 16 pages of music, marking 80 years since passing of Tesla, and forthcoming 170 years since birth of Tesla, and 130 years since Tesla's AC Electric Power System was implemented on Niagara Falls, and since has been used all around the world, to make all our rolling world around us possible. Thank You Tesla!

Some other works of mine dedicated to Tesla: my debut CD album Something Between the Sea and the Sky, in 1998, (well before FaceBook and Elon Musk’s Tesla cars :>); 2005 CD album Lily Of The Valley (and music book 2014) with write up on Tesla; 2012 CD album Alone, and a video, marked 70 years since passing of Tesla with two tunes for him; 2016 music book Alone, and a video, marked 160 years since birth of Tesla and 120 years since the Niagara Falls event; 2018 CD album Above The Clouds with a tune for Tesla… and many personal battles against all the exclusion and snubbing of Tesla in media, education, etc.

Also, the must hear Radio interviews, for World In London programme, with talks about Tesla > 
go to Hear Me Live - Videos  page of the website to listen.