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GUITAR and UKULELE MAINTENANCE > When it comes to a subtle instrument maintenance, just ask yourself this question: Who knows better those SUBTLE adjustments that make BIG difference to playability and feel of your instrument? A mere guitar repairer that actually doesn’t play professionally or a player with over 3 decades of playing, teaching and recording professionally, having all his guitars and ukuleles all customised and sets up and maintained by himself? In my spare time I've always loved and have done this kind of work.

What I do and can do >

1. Re-string your guitar (watch the video below)
2. Adjust truss rod and strings action/playability
3. Adjust, repair or make the nut and bridge, that both affect string action
4. Fret dressing (removing of those nasty V shaped grooves on worn frets that make your guitar sound fuzzy and out of tune, which brings a guitar to it’s pristine condition and clarity of the sound)
5. Install a strap button
6. Make bigger dots on the top side of the neck, that guitar manufactures make ridiculously too small, not thinking that a guitarist won’t be able to see them on dark stage!
7. Wiring and pick-up installation on an acoustic guitar and ukulele
8. Make the custom Best Guitar Cable (see below)
9. Ukulele full set-up and all the work as on guitars, and ukulele hard case conversion into a backpack (see below)
10. Convert your flat top acoustic guitar to a jazz guitar (see below)
EXCLUSION: do not do derelict state instruments.
TAKAMINE GUITARS EXPERT: As I've been playing TAKAMINE acoustic guitars for nearly 30 years, I know these guitars inside out.

More goodies >

Custom Flat Top Jazz Guitar >

Exclusively at Branco’s Guitar Surgery! Transform your beloved flat-top acoustic guitar into a great unique sounding jazz guitar (without the expense of buying a jazz guitar) by fitting of a jazz guitar pick-up (pick-up is always removable), with a minimal alteration to your guitar. You keep the bronze strings while retaining all the natural acoustic sound. If your guitar is fitted with a piezo pick-up, by mixing both pick-ups you’ll broaden your sound palette to the new levels. That way you’ll have an acoustic guitar and a jazz guitar, and all the sounds between, all in one. And, having two pick-ups also gives reassurance when at gigs in a case your piezo pre-amp fails (this can happen). I’ve been using this unique bespoke setup on my guitars for over 20 years, live and on all my albums. Hear the various live sound of my custom-guitar on Hear Me Live page.

The Best Guitar Cable >

Hand made by myself from highest quality components: a German made special lossless guitar cable, and the Neutrik tribor-gold hard-alloy angle and straight jacks, at your length specs. I’ve been exclusively using these self-made cables for over 20 years and they’ve never let me down. Jacks can be both straight or angled as desired. Price include material and postage for Special Delivery. To purchase go to our Web Store.

Custom Real Rosewood Pickguard >

I can make a real rosewood custom pickguard. Can make pretty much any shape/size. This is a painstaking craftsman and very delicate work that take around 7 days to complete but the result is an art, a truly beautiful custom pickguard! Full instruction on how to stick your custom pickguard on guitar included with every order. Before I make one I need specific dimensions of your guitar, and desired shape of the pickguard. Price include material and postage for Special Delivery. To buy go to Web Store.

Ukulele Set Up >

Don't throw away your ukulele yet. I'll set up your new (or old) one: high strings action and out of tune, unplayable ukulele, so it's easy and joy to play. The subtle nut and saddle adjustments that make a big difference. Can make all new nut and compensation saddle from real bone. Also installation of strap buttons and electronics, as for all the guitar set ups. And! An ukulele hard case conversion into a backpack, see below.


There is only one safe and smart way to carry your precious and fragile ukulele, in The Hard Case.
I can convert your case into a backpack, to be used with any hooked and removable straps. To have this done for you please get in touch.

How to restring your guitar properly >

Watch the video while you listen to an original tune...