Branco Stoysin

Guitarist/Composer/Music Arranger/Tutor/Photographer and the rest...


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DOWNLOADS NEWS: If you don't have a CD player or facility to convert CDs to mp3 or other formats, with every purchase of our CD albums we can provide high quality mp3 (and WAV) files of the albums and email them to you, free of charge.

The "Doomsday" of 2020 from a completely different perspective… Click HERE (or below on video icon) to watch this 2.5 minute long video, that's if you care for the Earth and our future...

A lovely "Above The Clouds" album review from the journal of Huddersfiled Jazz Guitar Society, by Darren Dutson Bromley, to see the review in large format click on the image.

Wonderful concert at splendid Deal Music & Arts Festival.

Got the most touching comment after the concert, a woman came to me and said > 

"I have Parkinson's and while I was listening to your music my symptoms stopped all together", 

(perhaps we found the cure or at least non-toxic relief for the sufferers…)

PHOTO CLOCKS. Silent Clocks > New addition to this year exhibition are exquisite, original, lovingly hand-made open-face clocks featuring Branco's real fine-art photographic images and precision super-silent (no ticking, if you like ticking we can make it tick) Quartz movements. Clocks are 25cm on wooden disc base. Excellent for recording studios and similar. Can use any of Branco photographs or indeed yours! See Fine Art Photos page.
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The New Album "Above The Clouds" out now.
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The Best Guitar Cable that (not so much) money can buy, on offer! Go to Guitar Doctor page for more info.
JAZZ GUITAR ENSEMBLE at City Lit, London. Tutor Branco Stoysin. Graduates of Jazz Guitar 2 & 3 courses play in an ensemble setting.
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February 2017.
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October 2016, New photo video on You Tube, featuring the beautiful song and other precious birds, 5 years lasting endeavours condensed into 5 minutes of sheer bliss! Click here  to or on videoto watch and listen.

October 2016. A COLLECTABLE ALBUM! Recently we carried out organizing of our discography stock and found out that we only have a few of these debut albums left, this CD will not be re-pressed again thus this is ought to be a collectable item from now own, which is reflected in the price of this CD album. To buy it go to our Webstore.

August 2016. New live video from solo-guitar concert, to watch click here or on video.
July 2016. NEW: A nice review for the Lily of the Vally music book/CD in CLASSIC GUITAR magazine summer 2016 issue, read full review HERE.