Branco Stoysin

Guitarist/Composer/Tutor/Photographer and the rest...


The New Album "Above The Clouds" out now.
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JAZZ GUITAR ENSEMBLE at City Lit, London. Tutor Branco Stoysin. Graduates of Jazz Guitar 2 & 3 courses play in an ensemble setting.
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February 2017.
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October 2016, New photo video on You Tube, featuring the beautiful song and other precious birds, 5 years lasting endeavours condensed into 5 minutes of sheer bliss! Click here  to or on videoto watch and listen.

October 2016. A COLLECTABLE ALBUM! Recently we carried out organizing of our discography stock and found out that we only have a few of these debut albums left, this CD will not be re-pressed again thus this is ought to be a collectable item from now own, which is reflected in the price of this CD album. To buy it go to our Webstore.

August 2016. New live video from solo-guitar concert, to watch click here or on video.
July 2016. NEW: A nice review for the Lily of the Vally music book/CD in CLASSIC GUITAR magazine summer 2016 issue, read full review HERE.