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Notations of Branco's original tunes, music books, original arrangements of enthralling Serbian/exYugo traditional folk music, and all the music you'll ever need for Guitar, Jazz Guitar and Ukulele, if you wish to learn the music and how to play your instrument in a natural and artistic way...

Here you will find a few of Branco's original tunes notations/tab, all hand written! from an opus of 100's of self-penned tunes, to freely download for you to play, perform or record. If you are interested in notations of any other Branco's original tunes get in touch. You can hear all the tunes on our numerous albums, recordings and videos, all can be found on our website.

PLEASE NOTE: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise. All the tunes are copyright control MCPS/PRS and usage of these notations for teaching, publishing or any other purposes is strictly prohibited. If interested in using the notations and tunes for teaching, publishing etc. a prior written permission is required.

To download click on the thumbnail of a tune, the notations are in a JPG format. Both tunes are playable on variety of instruments and forms and easily adaptable as a jazz standards.

"Still, It's Gonna be a Sunny Day" by B. Stoysin (Waltz in F major, 6/8 time) As featured on HEART IS THE BRIDGE album and LIVE DVD from PEJC.

"Miss D" by B. Stoysin (Minor jazz-blues in Dm 4/4 time) As featured on QUIET STREAM BREAKS THE ROCKS album and LIVE DVD from PEJC. All available on our site, Discography-Audio Clips and Web Store pages.

Lily of the Valley, The Music Book by Branco Stoysin


A collection of beautiful Original and Traditional folk music from Serbia and former Yugoslavia. Notations and arrangements of enthralling 18 pieces for solo, two, three or four guitars and guitars & bass as featured on the album. The CD is included with the book. Suitable for all treble clef instruments. To watch the 1 minute long video advert for the book click here. To purchase the book go to our Webstore.

All the music in this book has been arranged and calligraphically written by Branco Stoysin as it is performed on the album Lily of the Valley.

ISBN 978-0-9957250-1-0

ISMN 979-0-9002327-1-7

Published by Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings, London. ©copyright Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings 2014.

ALONE, The new Music Book by Branco Stoysin

“ALONE”, the 2nd new music book with included the ultimate solo guitar album by Branco Stoysin, notations and arrangements of the original compositions as performed on the album for solo, two, three and four guitars, an elixir for the heart, soul and ears, is out now. Click here for The Promo video, a 3:23 of concise enlightenment (and you'll hear almost entire track “Aurora Tesla” from the album).

The book is dedicated to the Serbian born genius of electricity Nikola Tesla, marking 160 years since the birth of Tesla and 120 years since the birth of modern civilization, The Niagara Falls and harnessing of Tesla’s AC Polyphase system, the sole event that propelled the world to where it is today. For more info go to Discography page, to buy the book go to our Webstore.

ISBN 978-0-9957250-2-7

ISMN 979-0-9002327-2-4

Published by Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings, London.
© copyright Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings 2016.

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