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Guitarist/Composer/Music Arranger/Tutor/Photographer and the rest...

South London resident guitar and ukulele tutor. Branco offers IN PERSON or ONLINE Guitar or Ukulele MUSIC LESSONS (via ZOOM or SKYPE). For enquiries contacts us here. To book a lesson (a choice of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour) go to our Webstore.

NOTE: Branco is registered on First Tutor website which verifies ID, Qualification and References of their tutors, for your peace of mind. You can book in person or online lesson with Branco via their website if you prefer, click here.

A SPECIAL OFFER: A free CD album from Branco's vast discography with every first lesson!

Welcome to Branco's GUITAR & Ukulele Tuition page... Learn the music and how to play your instrument in a natural and artistic way…

You are at the right place for one to one guitar lessons and/or class tuition, Guitar: Beginners to Advanced, Jazz Guitar (levels 1, 2, 3), Ukulele (all levels), also Guitar EnsembleJazz Guitar Ensemble and Folk Ensemble

All teaching pieces and material are Branco's original arrangements of the music theory and familiar tunes and classics that any aspiring player-to-be should learn to play, all with unmatched simplicity, clarity and right-to-the-point course material and class delivery. Branco's passion and enthusiasm for teaching and his students is second-to-none. If you really wish to learn and understand how to play your instrument well, then get in touch. Contact details here.  Tuition at your own home available, also online, please call or email for details.

Branco's One-Stop Store for all your Guitar, Jazz Guitar and Ukulele tuition. 
With an unmatched simplicity, clarity and right-to-the-point course material and class delivery

Watch this Video Advert that tells you all about the guitar tuition you can expect (South London, Dulwich based guitarist/tutor). More videos below.
Branco is DBS (formerly CRB) checked.

Student's Comments at colleges...

...and what private 1 to 1 tuition students say...


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Also available 1 to 1 private lessons and 1 to 2 and 1 to 3 as group lessons, with the fees shared between the group.

These are all genuine comments from students evaluation forms:

 Click HERE for Goldsmiths College STAFF HALLMARK article about Branco.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have improved my guitar playing. I look forward to attending each class as there is such a warm friendly atmosphere created by the tutor that is very conductive to learning in a fun way. Truly inspiring.”

“Branco is an outstanding teacher. 5 out of 5 mark!”

“I was very impressed by the way Branco was able to express some difficult concepts and techniques of guitar playing in an accessible way for all levels.”

“Branco is one of the nicest, funniest tutor I’ve ever had and his teaching methods are straight to the point, clear and not overly complicated. A real pleasure to be part of such a great class.”

“He is very passionate…it was brilliant!”

“Branco is truly inspiring and I was honoured to have had him as my guitar teacher.”
To watch video samples of tuition go to the bottom of this page.

“My 14 years old son is developing a real passion for the guitar and is such a pleasure to hear him enjoying his progress. None of this would be possible without Branco’s wonderful combination of encouragement and wit.” A.W.

“Branco is a fantastic guitar teacher and has taught Dulcie (15) for nearly five years. He is inspiring and creative and she really enjoys his lessons. He has imparted his great love of music to her, both performing and composing, and it is thanks to him that she gets so much pleasure from playing her guitar.” V.D.

“The album launch at Pizza Express Jazz club was an evening of great music from Branco, Leslee and Buster. It reminded me what a privilege it is to be taught to play by a guitarist of Branco's ability. Every lesson is full of magic moments and a unique chance to play duets with a great guitarist.” P.L.

“I don’t only look forward to a lesson and learning to play the guitar but to wonderfully therapeutic time of being in Branco’s presence" P.S.

"Just to say thank you for your gift. Tonight our 13 y. old daughter played
all the tunes she had learnt with you, no music just by memory. She brought joy to my heart and a tear to my eye. It was the best gift I had on my birthday. One I know you are hugely responsible for the making of."D.T.

Jazz Guitar Ensemble demo video: 

Jazz Guitar Ensemble demo video. Tutor Branco Stoysin. Graduates of Jazz Guitar 2 & 3 courses play in an ensemble setting. Genuine live recording demonstrating students achievement after only 4 class sessions. This video is solely for demo purposes. Music arrangements, original tunes, video and photos © B.Stoysin. All Rights Reserved.
Just a few comments by the students:

“Thank you for being such a great teacher, it's been a real privilege to learn along side you.”

“Great job with the ensemble, and many thanks for all your inspired guidance."

Jazz Guitar classes demo video...

Branco Stoysin's Jazz Guitar 2 class demo video. Playing "Take Five" by P.Desmund and "Miss D" by B.Stoysin (hear the echoes and spirit of Joe Pass in this performance!) . Genuine live video recording no editing of music and sound. Teaching pieces-arrangements and the video are © by B.Stoysin. Solely for demonstration of Branco’s teaching and students achievement purposes. All rights reserved. Read REVIEWS for my Jazz Guitar classes HERE.

Guitar classes at Goldsmiths college video...

GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE, watch videos from Branco's Guitar Basic Class and Guitar Workshop. 3 tunes medley: First Blues, Summertime and Europa. Click HERE. Trad Serbian love song: "My Heart Aches, Your Heart Aches" (Bolujem Ja, Bolujes Ti)

Videos - 1 to 1 guitar tuition samples...

BRANCO STOYSIN - GUITAR TUITION VIDEOS Best guitar tuition your money can buy in the south London and beyond. Branco Stoysin 1 to 1 guitar tuition guitar lessons examples. Genuine video recording no editing. Tunes used here are solely for teaching purposes. These videos and teaching pieces-arrangements are © by B.Stoysin and are solely for demonstration of teaching purposes. All rights reserved. These samples, after only two lessons, are a result and achievement by the student. Click HERE to watch video.

10 years old boy, plays "Mellow Sun" tune he learnt in two lessons:

NEW VIDEO! The 10 years old student of mine, a complete beginner, who’s been learning the guitar for only 6 months, performs the tune “Mellow Sun” that he learnt in only two lessons. My mission has been completed, one young soul has been saved from all the “music” trash that the youth is exposed to and it is imposed onto…Click HERE to watch the video.

How to (properly) restring your acoustic guitar tutorial video: