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Guitarist/Composer/Music Arranger/Tutor/Photographer and the rest...

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Original lovingly hand made with Branco's original fine-art photography. Real pro photo-lab archival quality photos on 25cm wooden disc base, open face clocks, with precision super-silent (no ticking) Quartz movement. Excellent for recording studios and similar and for those who don't like ticking noise (if you like ticking indeed we can make the clock tick). The Clock Face (a real C-Type print photo) is coated with UV/Anti-Fade/Water-Proof coating. Clocks are made by order once you chose your motive, or indeed we can use your photo. Please allow minimum of 7 days for delivery. For larger images of clocks click HERE. To purchase clocks go to our Webstore. Also visit our sister website on Sunny Side of Art.

Fine Art Photographs 
"A beautiful nature right on our doorstep." © TM

Here is just a tiny selection of Branco's photos. He's a very keen photographer and admirer of nature. Images are taken from his favourite long walks in beautiful Kent and some are from London.

If you are interested in any of these images and wish to make a purchase go to the Web Store. To see more images, with 100's of photos to chose from please contact us. New photos are constantly being added.

To watch the video portfolios slideshows click here Portfolio No1 and here Portfolio No2. If you can watch in HD for best quality images. Private viewing by appointment only. For visitors comments please see below.

All photos are © copyright by Branco Stoysin. All rights reserved. These are NOT free images, promotional purpose only!

We do/supply full framed package (see the samples bellow), but for large photos, A3, A2 and large panoramic it is collection only, due to high postage costs, postal restrictions and glass breakage possibility. Unlike most framing shops our frames are fully air-tight sealed, to prevent moisture ingress and mould growth which all guarantee longevity of your photos. So you don’t just get top-notch original photos but full package.

Branco’s photo chosen in the Amateur Photographer magazine competition, click here to read/view.

New Photo Slideshow video on You Tube, featuring the beautiful song and other precious birds, 5 years lasting endeavours condensed into 5 minutes of sheer bliss! Click here or on video to watch and listen.

Photo Slideshow video No1, watch beautiful photos of the nature while you listen to a tranquil original music track, a real treat... 

Click on Play Button bellow to watch The Slide Show, a tiny sellection of images:

Samples of Mounts and Frames Slide Show:

  • Floating mount
    Floating mount
  • Double mount
    Double mount
  • No mount, spacers only
    No mount, spacers only
  • 3 pics mount
    3 pics mount
  • Double mount
    Double mount
  • Large pan mount
    Large pan mount
  • Aly frame w. narrow mount
    Aly frame w. narrow mount
  • Single mount
    Single mount
Floating mount
Floating mount

This is a small sellection of Mounts and Frames finishing. Images © copyright by Branco Stoysin. All rights reserved.

What visitors say, from recent AOH exhibition...

“Utterly beautiful! Stunning images of nature’s wonder.” C.J.
 “The best art I’ve seen today, breath taking.” R.C.
 “Educational and enthralling.” J.
 “Fantastic landscape.” L.C.
 “You have a great eye.” K.
 “Love all the colours.” E.N.
 “Beautiful photographs, so much detail.” C.L.
 “Beautiful Sunflowers.” K.N.