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**** The 20th anniversary of the Sun Recordings label ****
8 CD Albums, 1 DVD, 2 music books, over 60 original tunes on them
The New album "Above The Clouds" out NOW

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ABOVE THE CLOUDS, the new album, 20th anniversary of  the
Sun Recordings label

SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BS-SR 24597-8
Number of Tracks: 10 Total Time: 48:00 Date of Release: 2018.
The 20th anniversary of Sun Recordings label.
Above the clouds where it all starts with the mellow Sun… the titles of the first three tunes form a motto of the new 8th solo-guitar album/project “Above The Clouds” by guitarist/composer Branco Stoysin. The album marks the 20th anniversary of Branco’s Sun Recordings label that has produced 8 acclaimed CD albums, a live DVD and two music books, all with over 60 original tunes released.
TUNES:  1. Above The Clouds 6:19 2. Where It All Starts 4:16 3. Mellow Sun 5:10 4. So Lovely 6:24 5. One Lady 4:04 6. Dan The Sun 3:42 7. Disquietude 3:37 8. Where Are You My Precious 3:46 9. Aurora Tesla 5:35 10. Interlude With Birds 4:34

All composed by Branco Stoysin, except the track 8 by Davorin Jenko and Branko Radicevic, arr. Branco Stoysin.

10 blissful new tunes in a beautiful digi-pack package. For promo video click HERE or on images of the album.

For Press Release and more info go to The Press Pack page.

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 “Above The Clouds” is a worthy addition to an impressive and distinctive, if rather understated, body of work. All of the Stoysin hallmarks are here, gorgeous folk inspired melodies, skilful but unhurried playing, a pristine recorded sound and an obvious love of both humanity and nature, with mystical sense of pastoralism and tranquillity. Beautiful music that soothes and relaxes the listener but also contains much of interest to sustain and reward repeated listening. Beautiful rendition that is obviously very much a labour of love with folkloric quality about the playing that is undeniably beautiful. One can’t help but be mesmerised by the results. Stoysin is a quiet virtuoso of the guitar who does things very much his own way.” Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann * * * *  (link to full review click HERE)

“Solo guitar album of mellifluous lyricism that is surprisingly expressive” Jazzwise, UK

“Amazing clarity of the sound, a very relaxing and different album” JGSW-Australia

"A tastefully played contemplative and mellow album that extol the beauty of nature." 
H. Rainey, Jazz Journal, UK

A lovely review from the journal of Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society click HERE 

A lovely write up from Kent Profile about the new album, Branco's love for Kent, nature, long walks etc.. click HERE to read.

ALONE, the music book (with included CD) marks 160 years since the birth of Nikola Tesla

“ALONE”, the 2nd new music book with included the ultimate solo guitar album by Branco Stoysin, notations and arrangements of the original compositions as performed on the album for solo, two, three and four guitars, an elixir for the heart, soul and ears, is out now. Click here for The Promo video, a 3:23 of concise enlightenment (and you'll hear almost entire track “Aurora Tesla” from the album).

The book is dedicated to the Serbian born genius of electricity Nikola Tesla, marking 160 years since the birth of Tesla and 120 years since the birth of
modern civilization, The Niagara Falls and harnessing of Tesla’s AC Polyphase system, the sole event that propelled the world to where it is today.

A segment from the book:

“Every pylon everywhere in the world carries Tesla’s blood, the electricity, to lighten your existence.” Tesla made all the rolling world around us possible yet largely remains unknown and denied, and knowledge about Him forbidden! This is utterly inhumane.

To purchase the book (CD included) visit our Web Store

For The Press release click here.

ISBN 978-0-9957250-2-7

ISMN 979-0-9002327-2-4

Published by Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings, London.
© copyright Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings 2016.

ALONE  - the 15th anniversary album

SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BS-SR 24597-7 CD + bonus movie on DVD. Number of Tracks: 10 Total Time: 47:00 Date of Release: 2013. Recorded at Sun Studio, London.

The 7th ultimate solo guitar album "ALONE" by guitarist/composer Branco Stoysin, 10 stunning new tracks, the original music in its most pastoral, evocative, lyrical and tranquil. An elixir for heart and soul, and ears tired of all the noise and (imposed) audio pollution. Beautiful, highly costly but worth it, 6 page digi-pack album, reminiscence of those LPs. As a bonus the release include Alone short movie on a DVD, showcasing inspiration and creation. For the full press release/info click here. To watch the snappy album advert on YouTube click on the cover image.

alone adj. adv. 1. apart from another or others; solitary. 2. without anyone or anything else. 3. without equal; unique

The album is dedicated to: The Sun, Nikola Tesla, all the good things alone and to all dear and lost souls. The album also marks, with a special tune written for Tesla, the 70th anniversary since passing of the greatest, but inhumanly denied and “forgotten”, Nikola Tesla, a Serbian born genius of electricity without whom there would be no light or civilised life we know of that most of us take for granted.

TUNES: 1. Alone 4:02 2. Two Japanese Girls on the Bridge 3:38 3. Light of the Nights 4:12 4. Adagio For All Dear Souls (solo guitar) 4:08 5. Behind the Clouds There's the Sun 5:04 6. Amber (solo guitar) 4:32 7. Aurora Tesla 4:23 8. Dissonant Harmony 5:14 9. Love in White 5:31 10. Spring Twilight 5:47

All the tunes are composed by B.Stoysin


“Branco Stoysin has a lovely, translucent individual style on guitar. Think of the sparkle of Spring, the warmth of burnished amber a slowly meandering river and you have a glimpse of the musical picture. Branco's compositions glow like the warmth of the Sun. So wrap yourself up in the bewitching mood of the new CD Alone.” Sarah Ward - Jazz FM, UK click HERE for Sarah's live interview with Branco.

“A wonderfully dexterous lightness of touch that enables him to produce music of great delicacy and charm, a great ear for an insinuatingly lovely melody, and a seriousness of approach that imbues everything he plays with dignity and gravitas. CD Alone celebrates not only the 15th anniversary of Stoysin's Sun Recordings label, but also the 70th anniversary of Tesla's death, and should be investigated by anyone who loves hearing the acoustic guitar imaginatively and flawlessly played.” Chris Parker - London Jazz News, UK The full review:

“This is delightfully subtle music with mystical sense of pastoralism and tranquillity with its roots in folk forms, relaxing but never bland, and played with an extraordinary amount of dedication and skill. Beautiful music that soothes and relaxes the listener but also contains much of interest to sustain and reward repeated listening. As always immaculately recorded.” Ian Mann, UK The full review:

“Excellent sound of the recording by an eminent guitarist that uses the production as an instrument. Impressive playing and a very accessible and relaxing album.” Mike Sims on Rhys Phillips’ Radio Cardiff 98.7FM, UK Live review 07.04.2013. with track "Aurora Tesla".

“What I like most about Branco, is his uncompromised love and passion for the music, also those little winks at his roots make his records special.” Johanna J. Bodde - RadioGirl The Netherlands

"Really, really love ALONE…Sunbeams directly into the heart." Gerd Stassen Countrymusic24 Radio - Berlin, Germany

“Beautiful playing and clarity of the instrument, expressed with a great feeling
that puts you in a happy place.” Ian Macgregor JGSWA, Journal of Jazz Guitar society of W. Australia. For the full review and the interview with Branco click here.

The Interview for the BRITIC magazine with Branco, on Sun, Tesla, music etc. click here.

"Branco Stoysin is back with another release and this time he seems to go even deeper into a kind of quality and culture that sometimes seems to be lost in today's world. It seems today everything needs to be loud, screaming with colour, effects and gimmicks. Plus all seems “retro” these days .. Yeah we heard it all before. Branco Stoysin is just Branco Stoysin. Pure, reduced, unique acoustic music that does not remind on someone, something... it is traditional but not “old fashioned” … it is just pure music. An own universe somewhere beyond what once was defined as "folk", "jazz" and "classical" music. ALONE is probably his best release so far." Lord Litter, Magic Music Box, Radio Maraby, Germany & KWTF international Radio.

"Both accompanied by his own trio or completely alone, every single note played by Branco Stoysin is a pure joy for the ears!" Massimo Ferro, Un Mondo Di Musica Radio Voce Spazio, Alessandria, Italy.


SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BST-SR 24597-6 Number of Tracks: 9  Total Time: 49:00 Date of Release: 2009.

12th anniversary of Sun Recordings and 6th new album INEXHAUSTIBLE, probably our liveliest and brightest yet. Branco Stoysin - acoustic guitars, Leslee Booth - 6str. contra bass, Buster Birch - percussion. Recorded at Sun Studio, London 2009.

The title and the artwork of the cover reveal it all, and the music itself will tell the rest. Two worthy of note points: All of the original tunes appear to Branco in a flash. The opening track arrived on stage 5 minutes before the start of a gig, when he shouted "Where's the pen... to write it down". Like with all previous albums there was no use of tricks and/or any other digital editing during recording/mixing/mastering.

TUNES: 1.Where’s The Pen (B.Stoysin) 4:45 2. Good Morning, London (B.Stoysin) 3:46 3. Inexhaustible (B.Stoysin) 6:15 4. Soul and Bird - solo guitar (B.Stoysin) 3:09 5. Triste (A.C.Jobim) 7:20 6. Behind The Clouds There’s The Sun (B.Stoysin) 5:51 7. Soon It Will Be Today - solo bass (L.Booth) 5:27 8. Till You Come (B.Stoysin) 5:07 9. Changing Times (B.Stoysin) 6:56  


"Confident and highly enjoyable set of melody-led, Sunshine-filled tunes. If you’re feeling blue and want to be filled with quiet rapture and measured joy this disc could be just the mood-enhancer you need." Robert Shore - JAZZWISE UK. read and see whole review here.

"Truly lyrical, complex, texturally beautiful, melodically interesting and technically impressive compositions." Sam Wise - ACOUSTIC UK. read and see whole review here.

"There is indeed a freshness and wholesomeness about this new album and Stoysin showcases one of the most delicate and thoughtful guitar sounds in the music on such graceful, instantly memorable original tunes. Quietly joyous, thoroughly unpretentious and unfussily virtuosic music, this comes warmly recommended, like Stoysin's previous albums." Chris Parker, UK.

"Inexhaustible is a perfect title for Branco's latest collection, as he seems to have an inexhaustible supply of lyrical tunes. Once again - whether on self-penned folk, jazz or eastern pieces - he's managed to find a crisp, distinctive, melodic voice. His acoustic sound is fresh and vital and all his own. A real pleasure." Steve Becker ‘Great Guitars’ BBC RADIO LANCASHIRE UK.

"Full of quiet beauty “Inexhaustible” continues the customarily high technical standards we have come to expect from Sun Recordings’ Branco Stoysin and his regular trio. This is the sound of a master craftsman at work. Stoysin’s playing is as crystalline and beautifully articulated as ever, sympathetically supported by Booth’s liquid bass and Birch’s delightfully detailed percussion. Delicate filigree, subtle, clean, immaculate, imaginative, optimistic, warm and relaxing. This album is further evidence of guitarist’s abilities in an understated display of quiet virtuosity." Ian Mann read full review at:

"Another masterpiece... and even though I was indoors when I listened, the power of the Sun that these three guys generate gave me a tan, at least it felt like it. Their recordings never fail to uplift and heal. The trio keeps up the excellent work." Eddie Russell - Radio Show Columbus Texas USA.

"Fantastic album.” Andrzej Patlewicz - JAZZ RADIO, Poland.

"Branco and his trio are one of my favourites… new album Inexhaustible is great stuff… always a pleasure hearing his music… love playing it." Andy Roberts, JAZZ-CONNECTIONS, RADIO CARDIFF, UK.

"Persuasive guitarist pulls the strings compellingly…"Peter Vacher, JAZZ UK 

Click here to read an article "Branco and Sun"  in BRITIC MAGAZINE - The British Serb Quarterly.


SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BST-SR 24597-5 Number of Tracks: 10 Total Time: 52:00 Date of Release: 2007.

5th album & 10th anniversary of SUN RECORDINGS label. The trio album titled and inspired by an ancient Yugoslav proverb. A collection of new originals, traditional Yugoslav folk and new arrangements of classics from previous 4 albums featuring Branco on acoustic guitar, Leslee Booth 6str. contra bass and Buster Birch on percussion. Recorded at Sun Studio, London 2007.

Album was featured at Humphrey Lyttelton - THE BEST OF JAZZ on BBC2 Radio.

TUNES: 1. Quiet Stream Breaks The Rocks (B.Stoysin) 4:24 2. Where A River Meets The Sea (B.Stoysin) 5:43 3. Anica, The Young Shepherdess (Trad.Yugoslav) 5:25 4. Once I Was Loved By A Woman From Vranje (Dragan Tokovic) 4:33 5. Shana,Darling (Dragutin Ilic) 6:12 6. Love In White (B.Stoysin) 5:26 7. Mahogany Won't Die (B.Stoysin) 5:17 8. Amber (B.Stoysin) solo guitar 4:30 9. Miss D (B.Stoysin) 4:12 10. Calm Before The Storm (L.Booth) 5:56


"Another ear-pleasing masterpiece." Eddie Russell, Country Eastern Outlaw For Peace Radio Show, Columbus, Texas, USA.

"Another beautiful album from this quiet virtuoso of the acoustic guitar. His crystalline notes drawing out the full beauty of the folk based melodies, and his pastoral style harbours hidden strengths. The immaculate quality of the recording captures these qualities superbly. This is a regular working band and the interaction between the three musicians is excellent throughout. There is real musical intelligence behind this relaxing, Sun drenched music.” Ian Mann, 24DASH.COM UK. (4 **** rating)

"The fifth album from an extraordinary yet entirely natural-sounding acoustic guitarist Branco Stoysin and his trio showcases Stoysin's filigree delicacy, plangent traditional melodies and absorbing multi-tempo original pieces that marks him out as one of the most skilful, lyrical acoustic guitarists on the current scene. His ear for an affecting melody is faultless, and the fluency of his improvisations ditto. An unalloyed treat throughout its 52 minutes. Warmly recommended." Chris Parker, UK.

"Total unique warm universe of sound somewhere between folk .. jazz ... but avoiding all *I've heard that before* elements. Unique music/art is what today's culture of quick, loud insanity needs - and I guess there is only one Branco Stoysin on planet Earth .. and really meaning it!!" Lord Litter, Radio Maraby, Germany.

Lily of the Valley, The Music Book


A collection of beautiful Original and Traditional folk music from Serbia and former Yugoslavia. Notations and arrangements of enthralling 18 pieces for solo, two, three or four guitars and guitars & bass as featured on the album. The CD is included with the book. Suitable for all treble clef instruments. To watch the 1 minute long video advert for the book click here. To purchase the book go to our Webstore.

All the music in this book has been arranged and calligraphically written by Branco Stoysin as it is performed on the album Lily of the Valley.

 REVIEW from CLASSIC GUITAR magazine: “Guitarist Branco Stoysin’s “Lily of the Valley” book with included CD album, 18 pieces of  warm, lyrical, immediately attractive trad. folk music from Serbia and (former) Yugoslavia, for one, two, three or four guitars, and bass too, in a hand written but perfectly legible style, is well-written, well-produced music book for the guitar players that like something little out of ordinary.” C.D. Classic Guitar summer 2016 issue, read full review HERE.

ISBN 978-0-9957250-1-0

ISMN 979-0-9002327-1-7

Published by Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings, London. ©copyright Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings 2014.


SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BSY-SR 24597-4 Number of Tracks: 15 Total Time: 56:00 Date of Release: 2006.

A collection of Branco’s arrangements of beautiful traditional folk tunes from Serbia and former Yugoslavia, some centuries old and originals featuring Branco on acoustic guitar and Leslee Booth 6str. contra bass on tracks 3,4,7 and 9. Recorded at Sun Studio, London 2004. Album dedicated to Branco’s late sister.

TUNES: 1. Exodus (B.Stoysin) 5:33 2. Once I was Loved by A Women from Vranje (Dragan Tokovic) 4:27
3. C’mon Kate, C’mon my Dear (Traditional) 2:51 4. The Sky is so Clear (Jovan Jovanovic-Zmaj) 4:54 5. Where are you, My Precious (Davorin Jenko-Branko Radicevic) 4:05 6. Emina (Aleksa Santic) 2:47 7. Kolo-Carevac No.1 (Vlastimir Pavlovic-Carevac) 1:40 8. Who Tore the Pearls from Your Neck (Jovan Popovic-Aleksa Santic) 5:20 9. Shana, Darling (Dragutin Ilic) 2:56 10. Anica, the Young Shepherdess (Traditional) 3:08 11. Songs from the Old Town-Medley (Traditional) 3:35 12. It’s not Worth Crying (Zvonko Bogdan) 2:45 13. Index home (B.Stoysin) 3:52 14. Sleep My Dad (B.Stoysin) 4:10 15. Lily of the Valley (B.Stoysin) 3:41


"Historic moments, beautiful interpretations, invaluable document of rarely acknowledged musical heritage."Chrissie Murray JAZZ UK.

"Impeccably crafted, intelligently programmed, lovingly performed collection... most exquisite and delicate playing from the guitarist." Peter Quinn, JAZZWISE. UK.

"Every note is a pure joy to listen to. Lily of the Valley CD brought about joy and reflection to my every sense of well being as Branco seems to perform like a song painter who captures the feel of each selection. Highly recommended as one of the best instrumental CDs that I've ever received in 15 years of radio." Eddie Russell, The Country Eastern / Outlaw For Peace Radio Show, Columbus, Texas, USA. 

"...Every note is a pearl! His guitar is talking heartfelt stories... great band...can't stop listening...can't get enough of it..." Gerd Stassen, Radio EVW, Germany.

"Branco Stoysin's guitar shimmers through old songs and new, evoking the historic towns, village lives and sweet loves of a lost Yugoslavia. Memories of tunes and songs handed down through generations of musicians are brought to life and contemporary relevance in Branco Stoysin's skilful and sensitive hands and soul." Roger Holdsworth, Presenter: 'The Global Village' PBS-FM 106.7: Melbourne, Australia.


SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BS-SR 24597-3 Number of Tracks: 10 Total Time: 51:00 Date of Release: 2003.

Voted in Top Ten Albums, Jazzwise Magazine April 2003. Issue. Features Branco Stoysin on acoustic and electric guitars, Leslee Booth on 6 string contra bass and Paul Canton on drums. Recorded at MCS Studio, London 2002.

TUNES: 1. Bridge in Heart (Heart is the Bridge) (B.Stoysin) 5:30 2.Look to The Sky (A.C.Jobim) 4:17 3. Still, It’s Gonna Be A Sunny Day (B.Stoysin) 4:32 4. Birds (B.Stoysin) 8:08 5. Lucy’s Visit (B.Stoysin) 5:32 6. Salude (L.Booth) 4:07 7. Round Midnight (T.Monk) solo-guitar 3:15 8. Four’s not Enough (B.Stoysin) 4:07 9. Intermezzo (B.Stoysin) 5:23 10. Exodus (B.Stoysin) 5.44


"More goodies from one of the most lyrical and original guitarists around today." - Jack Massarik, EVENING STANDARD. UK.

"Heart Is The Bridge CD is an ample evidence of an artfully interactive trio." Chris Parker, JAZZ AT RONNIE SCOTT’S magazine. UK.

"A warm engulfing feeling of pleasure. Fresh and unique as far as jazz styles today are concerned, different from much that is on offer elsewhere." Derek Ansell, JAZZ JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL. UK.


SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BS-SR 24597-2 Number of Tracks: 12 Total Time: 48:29 Date of Release: 2000.

Listed in The Guitar Albums of the year 2000. Jazzwise magazine. Solo album features Branco on acoustic and electric guitars. All the tunes written by Branco Stoysin. Recorded at Sun Studio, London 1999.

TUNES: 1. Little Feet 2:39 2. Mellow Sun 3:23 3. Till You Come 3:27 4. Song for Pot 2:36 5. Hello You 5:48 6. Believe 4:44 7. One Lady 3:21 8. Amber 3:01 9. Danube in London 5:45 10. Interlude 4:06 11. Bridge in Heart (Heart is the Bridge) 4:55 12. After All (Peace will come) 4:40


"A truly individual voice on the instrument. He is a real find, a definitive original style laced with melodic and enthralling Eastern European Folk touches. Beautiful, Marvellous" Chrissie Murray JAZZWISE. UK.

"Strong originals by a musician with an unfailing gift for melodic line and warm gentle musical personality. Relax and feel the Sunshine" Pete Martin, JAZZ UK.

"A beautiful collection of sensitive and uplifting guitar instrumentals. Witness his captivating music yourself and buy this album now! "GUITARIST MAGAZINE UK.

"Original melodic warmth and spacious lyricism of the music. There is much that is genuinely refreshing in the purity and openness of Stoysin’s sound, phrasing and ideas. Above all, this is music which has courage to breathe." Michael Tucker, JAZZ JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL. UK.


SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BS-SR 24597-1 Number of Tracks: 9 Total Time: 48:23 Date of Release: 1998.

THIS IS NOW A COLLECTABLE ALBUM! A debut solo album features Branco on acoustic and electric guitars. All the tunes written by Branco Stoysin. Recorded at Sun Studio, London 1997. Album dedicated to the Sun and Nikola Tesla, Serbian born Yugo-American great scientist and genius of electricity who granted us the light and civilised life with over 700 inventions and AC electric power we have been enjoying since 1895. The Sun has been great Tesla's inspiration as the Sun inspires my music. Thank you Tesla, thank you Sun!

TUNES: 1. Disquietude 3:55 2. The Flight from China to Spain 4:22 3. Love in White 3:50 4. So Lovely 5:12 5. Birds 5:39 6. Self Portrait 4:45 7. Go East 6:22 8. The End of Infinity 6:58 9. Sea 7:16


"Peaceful, melodic originals in which each note is there for a reason. He also sounds like nobody but himself, a rarity in this copycat age." Jack Massarik, EVENING STANDARD See and read full review HERE this is a very first review my debut album received.

"Delicate, pastoral take on Latin-jazz, highly individual...utterly distinctive. Excellent album." John Lewis, TIME OUT. UK.

"The entire recording is atmospheric. Stoysin’s nine original compositions are well written and skilfully arranged. A superb vehicle for Branco’s personal musical vision." Adrian Ingram, JUST JAZZ GUITAR. USA.

NOTICE: Recently we carried out organizing of our discography stock and found out
that we only have a few of these debut albums left, this CD will not be re-pressed again thus this is ought to be a collectable item from now own, which is reflected in the price of this CD album.


SUN RECORDINGS Cat. no: BST-SR 24597-D1 Number of tracks: 8 Total time: 48 mins. Date of first release 2008. Re-release of re-mastered DVD 2011.

New and re-mastered with better picture  quality and many new goodies on it.

This is a genuine live recording, no digital editing of music and sound. 8 tracks, 48 minutes of sheer joy! All the ambience of the venue preserved, really be there, hear and see the BST at their unique-real-music-making and witness the response and ovations by the full house audience…DVD is in Stereo LPCM audio, PAL colour, 16:9 and will play in all regions. For a preview go to Hear Me Live - Videos page of the site.


A quote from someone who actually bought the very first copy of DVD: "I thought I would like to say how much I am enjoying your DVD. I was lucky enough to receive "Unique No.1" It is so refreshing to see original work that hasn't been engineered, enhanced, edited or messed about with in any other way. With your DVD it is a case of "what you see is what you get" which is very refreshing." A.S.

"The DVD exhibits Stoysin’s artistry as a composer and arranger. Throughout the set, the entire trio demonstrates their ability to achieve a very particular contemplative mood and feel with a fluid blend of jazz and Eastern European folk music. Harmonically complex… mesmerizing… with much feeling and emotion…an excellent trio. All in all, it is a must-see for fans of Stoysin, as well as anyone who is interested in a fresh take on trio-based jazz and folk music."  Evan Desaulnier Read full review HERE.

"Appropriately enough Stoysin eschews many of the contemporary guitarist's showier characteristics such as a reliance on electronic gadgetry, bursts of feedback, lightning runs or sudden changes of tone and texture, relying instead purely on unfussy dexterity, rhythmic subtlety and a keenly melodic ear for his effect on audiences. The result is an entirely faithful record of a Stoysin performance, taking in everything from individual takes on the blues and burnished ballads to folk tunes and highly personal meditations on recent Serbian history. Booth and Birch are characteristically supple and sympathetic throughout, and Stoysin's playing might have been specially designed to illustrate the wisdom of the aforementioned South Slavic proverb he describes as a source of inspiration and encouragement: "A quiet stream breaks the rocks".

Chris Parker, London Jazz.
Full review >

TRACKS ON DVD: 1. Miss D 2. Once I Was Loved By A Woman From Vranje (D.Tokovic) 3. Mahogany Won't Die 4. Still, It's Gonna Be A Sunny Day 5. Bridge In Heart, Heart Is The Bridge 6. Shana Darling (D.Ilic) 7. Calm Before The Storm (L.Booth) 8. Exodus. (Tracks 1. 3. 4. 5. and 8 written by B.Stoysin)

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