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Guitarist/Composer/Tutor/Photographer and the rest...

Do You have a Conscience!? (and passion)
The things of music and beyond the music that truly matter... today, not tomorrow!

So, when

Dark & Light TRANSITION:

Today many ?artists? produce dark and aggressive ?art? and blame
and use as excuse the surroundings, and this is widely accepted as “normal” and this ?art? is now a mandatory “trend”, but what’s never acknowledged (nor valued) is that what really matters is what’s in a person’s heart, regardless of where one might be…

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What does it mean being a musician?

How the general public generally perceive musicians. For larger image click here.

"Forgotten"(!?) way of listening to music...

...try it and you'll hear the difference (well, depending of the quality of one's ears)

Anybody cares!?

De-volution of the Sky.

Happy New Year! and all the years to come...

But, hey, don’t worry. "World leaders" have solved the problem of global warming in Paris by their 50 years plan. What!? And they all have flown and driven to and back from the summit on their private jumbo-jets and bullet proof 4 wheels drive black-windows SUVs. Now look through your window, onto your streets and roads, look to the sky, what has changed since the summit? And what and when will ever change?

No Sun no life...

Please join me in my alone mission to change this ill-fashion "rule" of writing the Sun with small s, all the way from school yard to grave yard. Thank You.


Recent sky over London and the UK (and I'm sure where you are too), it's most days like this, put down your iphone and look up sometime you'll see... Every time you’re in an airplane remember you’re a part of this. If you have a conscience demand clean flying, as clean as it can be, you’re paying for the ticket so it’s in your hand! This deliberate toxic spraying and darkening of the sky and blocking the Sun is evil and against this beautiful planet Earth, we cocky u-mans call “ours”. It’s not ours, we’re just guests, most ungrateful for the opportunity to live on It and very soon to become the most unwelcome…and it’s gonna hurt…it’s already started, the evidence is everywhere…


AoMD, hello mankind, ( MAN(be)KIND )
Weep and wish to scream I do when the sky is not blue, and it’s like this, and almost always is. Sky over London, 9am one recent morning. It was supposed to be a day with clear blue sky and bright white Sun, alas, how!? This cancer of the sky has to be reduced and stopped. For sake of the Mother Earth, us and our children. As very soon we will not be able to see and enjoy the clear blue sky and bright white Sun on it anymore, as it’s supposed to be, not to mention the other destruction this has been causing. If u-man do not stop this horror the Earth will find the way to stop it.  But this won’t be pleasant…What's most shocking, but not surprising, when I took this photo there were more than 30 people on the train station platform and NOBODY looked at the sky, they all looked at their iphones! Is there a hope?

Green rats infested whole London and SE England and nothing...

THEY DO NOT BELONG HERE! They are nasty, aggressive, loud and above all pest, even in their native places they are considered pest. There are 100 of thousands just in London. All parks and green spaces are infested, noise is horrendous, and they ENDANGER all other native and visiting beautiful song-birds, that are in constant decline. I was among first to notice the parakeets in local parks 8 years ago when there were just a few and have been notifying RSPB and all park rangers, nobody cared or took notice. And before all of you, if any, hypocrites out there, start calling me names (by the way no one loves birds and nature more :>) LISTEN (click here) to this recent recording from one of the local parks, that’s how it is in all others. Make sure you turn up your computer speakers and loop the file to go on and on. Can you enjoy and relax in a park like this? And if by any chance you like this then either something is seriously wrong with your ears or your head needs examining. It’s perfectly pc to dislike these green-rats. Why nothing is done to control their invasion!? If you agree with me then write to me and RSPB and park rangers near you, share the link, sign up, let’s regain the beauty and tranquillity of our parks and green spaces as once it was, or very soon it will be way too late. AND, question RSPB’s credibility of their statement: “we conserve and protect threatened birds…”, yeah! Thank You.

Songbirds on a dinner plate!

Watch the video HERE. As this is happening in the world of homo-sapiens then his world should end. This is UTTERLY DISGUSTING! If this doesn’t turn your stomach and bring tears to you then something is seriously wrong.What kind of people (can they be called as such!?) can eat these beautiful and divine, endangered species, the songbirds and consider them “delicatessen“!? And what kind of people can do the poaching!? Kudos to those lovely few man who went into the war against this evil. Kudos to Al Jazeera for exposing this.
PS: Homo-sapiens means “wise man” in Latin! How absurd this is!!!
PSS: Why they don’t develop a taste for parakeets and catch and eat them instead if the birds they are after? They are in abundance, and they are loud, aggressive and nasty pest. In London alone we have millions of them while there are a few and less and less of the precious songbirds. Perhaps the UK should start the export of these green rats and save the songbirds…