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The Best Guitar Cable(0-5m length) + a free CD album!


 THE BEST GUITAR (and instruments) CABLE that (not much) money can buy! Hand made by Branco from the highest quality components, a German made special guitar cable, with zero signal loss or attenuation of high frequencies and interference to your guitar pick-up signal, and the Neutrik hard-alloy jacks. I’ve been exclusively using these self-made cables for over 20 years and they’ve never let me down. This cable makes a difference to your sound that you can actually hear! Have your cable made by a guitarist himself (not a mere factory worker) to your own length specs. Jacks can be both straight or angled as desired. Price include material and postage for Special Delivery. NOTE: A free CD album gift from our album releases with every cable order!

Please the exact length of the cable? What kind of jacks at each end?

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