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ALONE, the music book with included CD album


“ALONE”, the 2nd new music book with included the ultimate solo guitar album by Branco Stoysin, notations and arrangements of the original compositions as performed on the album for solo, two, three and four guitars, an elixir for the heart, soul and ears. Go to Discography-Audio Clips page for all the info and video for the book.

The book is dedicated to the Serbian born genius of electricity Nikola Tesla, marking 160 years since the birth of Tesla and 120 years since the birth of modern civilization, The Niagara Falls and harnessing of Tesla’s AC Polyphase system, the sole event that propelled the world to where it is today. A segment from the book: “Every pylon everywhere in the world carries Tesla’s blood, the electricity, to lighten your existence.” Tesla made all the rolling world around us possible yet largely remains unknown and denied, and knowledge about Him forbidden! This is utterly inhumane.

ISBN 978-0-9957250-2-7

ISMN 979-0-9002327-2-4

Published by Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings, London. © copyright Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings 2016.

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