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Guitarist/Composer/Music Arranger/Tutor/Photographer and the rest...

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Sun Recordings' releases by acclaimed guitarist/composer Branco Stoysin.

...and whispers from Sun flow into music.....

All the CD albums are true replicated releases, not CD-Rs. If you wish to listen to the music clips prior to your purchase please go to Discography page of the site.

SPECIAL OFFER: We are offering a free CD album "Quiet Stream Breaks the Rocks" with every purchase of any of our CD albums, DVD and Music Books.

Multi buy saving option: All 8 CD albums or 8 CDs + DVD as a box-set. Exceptional value, considering high postage costs too.

All the prices include postage, packaging and delivery. Dispatch on same day of purchase.

Have your CDs/DVDs/Books signed by Branco, just let us know via Contact page.

SAFE SITE: the site has been approved by Norton/Symantec as a safe site.

DOWNLOADS NEWS: If you don't have a CD player or facility to convert CDs to mp3 or other formats, with every purchase of our CD albums we can provide high quality mp3 (and WAV) files of the albums and email them to you, free of charge.

DOWNLOADS ONLINE: We don’t do it. We believe that’s not the right way to consume and enjoy the music. Our albums are like paintings or a book. They tell a story…The artwork, each tune, even they order…all is there for a reason. The tracks aren’t just album fillers. And huge efforts (and talent) goes into creating it all. If you do find a download elsewhere it’s illegal! Let us know and we may send you a thank you CD.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Re buying our CD releases. PLEASE > Support us by NOT buying our music from any other online resources (this also include Amazon and eBay!) but only from our Web Store and sites/shops listed on Discography page. There are numbers of sites that without our consent sell our music and CDs, (often promo copies), from dubious sources (and/or do illegal free downloads) from which we receive no income whatsoever! Help us and don't support them, support us, our music, your music. Thank You. Sun Recordings.


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