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JAZZ GUITAR ENSEMBLE (ME 962) course at one-and-only City Lit, led by the tutor Branco Stoysin, runs from 8th-29th July 2017, Saturdays from 10:30 am. 2 hours each session, suitable for graduates of Jazz Guitar 2 and 3 levels and more advanced players. Play in good rhythm. Melody, harmony, chords and bass line parts, and improvise in a contest of a jazz guitar ensemble. Music parts will be allocated by players abilities and
preferences and will vary for each tune. Concession fees available.
For info and to enrol 020 7831 7831 or click HERE
City Lit College, 1-10 Keeley St, London WC2B 4BA
February 2017.
Brand NEW JAZZ GUITAR COURSES, go to Guitar Tuition page...
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October 2016, New photo video on You Tube, featuring the beautiful song and other precious birds, 5 years lasting endeavours condensed into 5 minutes of sheer bliss! Click here  to or on videoto watch and listen.

October 2016. A COLLECTABLE ALBUM! Recently we carried out organizing of our discography stock and found out that we only have a few of these debut albums left, this CD will not be re-pressed again thus this is ought to be a collectable item from now own, which is reflected in the price of this CD album. To buy it go to our Webstore.

August 2016. New live video from solo-guitar concert, to watch click here or on video.
July 2016. NEW: A nice review for the Lily of the Vally music book/CD in CLASSIC GUITAR magazine summer 2016 issue, read full review HERE.

Past News: 

February 2016. NOTICE: The Foyle's Book store on Charring Cross Road, London, refuses to stock our Lily of the Valley music book, we asked for the reason but get no response! 

December 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR! See Consciousness page or click here.

November 2015, Just re-discovered my very first review for my debut album. Review was on the same day nato started bombing my homeland. It's written by highly respected jazz and music critic, the late, Jack Massarick. See and read full review HERE, you'll be surprised! 

July 2015. NEWS! My Jazz Guitar classes start in September at City Lit, for info go to Guitar Tuition - All About page of this site.

July 2015. Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla! (10.07.2015.) 159 years since Your birht, Thank You for the LIGHT, while you remain in the dark. That's how u-mans show their gratitude. 

May 2015. PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION (and much more) at Dulwich Festival- Artist Open House, Sat. 9th, Sun. 10th, Sat. 16th and Sun. 17th of May from 11 till 6pm each day. Click here you'll find me under photographs, may see you...

April 2015. RADIO INTERVIEW at Resonance FM 104.4FM, "A World in London" show: I’ll be giving a live interview on Wed. 15th of April, show starts from 6.30pm, tune in if you can. Will talk about my recently published music book Lily of the Valley and the music course at City Lit based on it (course runs 03.05 - 31.05.), talk about my solo guitar concert on 23rd May, my solo album ALONE, dedicated to Tesla...and of course talk about Tesla (that's if this doesn't get cut! :>)...and they will play 3 tracks from the albums.

February 2015: NEW VIDEO > How to (properly) restring your acoustic guitar. To learn how click here.

December 2014:  NEWS: New MUSIC COURSE, one-of-it's-kind, of enthralling Trad Folk Music from Former Yugoslavia/Serbia at City Lit, Sundays 14:30 - 17:00, from 3rd May till 31st of May 2015. For more info and enrollment click here.

 November 2014. All our full discography CD and DVD releases and the book Lily of the Valley is now available at the one and only Foyle's Book Shop on 107 Charring Cross Rd, London, WC2H 0DT in person or online.

***Serbia Floods: £5 of each sold Lily of the Valley book will be donated to The Floods Relief***click on the title to go directly to Webstore.

 May 2014. Just published beautiful music notations book Lily Of The Valley featuring the notations and arrangements of the music as performed on the same title album. for more info see Discography page, scroll to where the book/album is. To watch snappy 60 secs video advert click here.

 May 2014. Branco will be exhibiting his art photography work as part of Dulwich Festival Artist's Open House events on 10, 11 and 17 and 18th of May from 11am till 6pm, for info and to find directions click here and search under B.

 April 2014: Branco’s photo chosen in the Amateur Photographer magazine competition, click here to read/view.

 February 2014. NEW: Branco's Art Photography video slideshow >
Here's something to help with the gloom and doom of this perpetual winter.
Please watch this 5 minutes long video of Branco's art photography portfolio slideshow while you're listening to the tranquil pastoral whole track "After All (peace will come)" from the album Amber. All this is ought to bring you the warm glow of an amber and a quiet rapture. Click here to watch.
PS: if your computer is able please watch it in HD 720 or 1080 for best quality photos.

 December 2013. BBC Radio 3 Jazz Record Request programme has featured Branco Stoysin Trio, among all the pioneers and greats of jazz. Branco's Heart Is The Bridge tune was the very first one played. To see the play list click here.

                   May the Sun, The Big and a little one, be with you always.

 November 2013. Story about Tesla No101: Dear all my friends and fans (Drugovi i drugarice),

Story about Tesla No 101: Today my landlord sent two electricians (nice English guys) to upgrade electricity wiring in my flat. They noticed some electrical work and upgrade, wiring, lighting etc I did myself and said; oh no you can’t do that yourself it must be done by a qualified electrician etc. I pointed out to a large photo I have on the wall and said: this Guy gives me right to do whatever I want with the electricity. They asked who’s that, and I said Tesla! They never knew!? So after a bit of arguing they said OK. So my good electrical work is on and two more people know who Tesla is.

And once again as ever, turn off all your electricity in your home, or work place, for just 10 minutes and by sitting in dark imagine your life without it. Then turn it back on and thank this brilliant Man who gave it to you.



Nikola Tesla page 
Album ALONE dedicated to Tesla 

 May 2013. Listen to Sarah Ward interview with Branco on Jazz FM Radio, Jazz Travels. Click here

 April the 20th at 8pm ALBUM LAUNCH concert see the Gigs page. 

The Weather, Sun map of South-England and London on the day of our album launch. Coincidence? Certainly not! BST is short for Branco Stoysin Trio. Perhaps it's time to change mening of BST to Bright Sun Trio...

*Read The Interview for BRITIC magazine with Branco, on Sun, Tesla, music etc...

April 2013. Jazz FM Radio Sarah Ward's interview with Branco will be
on Friday 5th April, at 6pm, Jazz Travels with Sarah Ward.
Click on red button Listen Live in left corner to listen.

March 2013. New album ALONE released! SPECIAL OFFER:  To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the label we are offering the new album ALONE along with a free CD from previous 6 releases, of your choice for the same price. Also the new multi buy CDs/DVD box sets available. Exceptional value also considering high postage costs. Go to our Web Store.


January 2013. BBC snubs Nikola Tesla
On Thursday 24th January, BBC Two aired the first episode of The Genius of Invention around the theme of Power. The programme featured the “enormous contribution made by a handful of brilliant minds who unlocked the key to power itself” – starring the greats Watts, Faraday and Edison. Yet as Branco Stoysin wrote to tell us, there was not a single mention of American Serbian scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla.

Read full article and complaint to BBC here.

January 2013. New multi-anniversary the ultimate guitar album ALONE by Branco Stoysin to be released soon. Album will be available for purchase in March and official concert launch is in April in London. To preview this special release watch the advertisement, click here. Also see Discography-Audio Clips page. Watch this space!

December 2012. PHOTOS: Now you can buy Branco's original photographs in our Web Store using secure and simple PayPal. For more info go to Art Gallery - Photographs page. 

December 2012.  NEWS: New multi-anniversary the ultimate guitar album to be officially launched in April 2013 with a concert in London. Album will be available for sale in March. Sunniest seasonal greetings to all our friends and fans.

July 2012. Enjoy tha Sun and summer while it lasts...New the ultimate album is coming... we're postponing release due to the olympic madness and all other "wonderful" things 2012. has brought to us... Good things will come at the end to those who are patient, true...and work hard. 

November 2011.  Very special offer: during the months of November and December we will, with any and every purchase of any of our 6 acclaimed albums, and/or with any multi buy saving option, give a copy of our 4th world-wide acclaimed album Lily Of The Valley completely free! Go to our Web Store.

August 2011. Watch a New Commercial for Branco's guitar tuition, go to Guitar Tuition-All about page... 

July 2011. NEW ALBUM! We're working on a new album, the 7th one! Plan is to release it sometimes next year (the 8th release to be in total, which will celebrate 15th year anniversary of Sun Recordings label) it should be a very special release, with the CD album and a bonus DVD movie (all solo guitar, guitar duets and trios, new pieces and a couple of classics in a new light... probably the most lyrical guitar album ever...) ...also writing (calligraphy-hand-written) all the scores of the tunes that are on the album...painstaking process but very enjoyable...and it would be great if we manage to publish that as a book, funds permit it...

June 2011. NEW feature> Art Gallery - Branco's photographs, see some of his photos...he's a keen photographer and admirer of the nature...

APRIL 2011. NEW Branco Stoysin Trio Live DVD available. Our gig at Pizza Express Jazz Club, London live video recording has been re-mastered and re-released, with better picture quality and many new goodies on it. Genuine live recording with all the ambience of the venue preserved, really be there, hear and see the BST at their unique-real-music-making and witness the response and ovations by the full house audience.

IMPORTANT INFO: SUPPORT us by NOT buying our music from any other online resources (this also include Amazon!) but only from our Web Store and sites/shops listed at the bottom of Discography page. There are numbers of sites that without our consent sell our music from dubious sources (and/or do illegal free downloads) from which we receive no payments and income whatsoever! Help us and don't support them, support us, our music, your music! Thank You.

 December 2010. NEW FEATURE, MUSIC NOTATIONS > Now you can freely download and learn, play, perform and/or record some of Branco's original tunes, go to Notations-Original tunes page.

 October 2010. NEW NEW NEW! Not only this is THE place for one of the most lyrical heart warming Sun drenched guitar music, the trio and guitar tuition, but also now Branco offers fine Guitar Maintenance and Recording Studio services! For more info go to Guitar Doctor-Studio page.

 September 2010. Ko' se Sunca krije bolje da ga nije.

 July 10th 2010. Celebrate Nikola Tesla, 154 years since birth of the greatest Serbian born Yugo-American scientist and inventor, the genius of electricity, who granted us light and civilised life with his, among the other 700 patents, AC current and polyfase systems, the mother and father of our civilisation and technology. So every time you see the electricity pylons carrying Tesla’s blood, you switch the light on, or your TV or computer, stop for a second and thank this brilliant man for everything he gave to you, or at least do it on the 10th July, every 10th July!

 June 2010. NEW VIDEO! BST live at Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne. To watch click HERE or got to Videos page. Genuine live recording no editing of music and sound. Feel the hot Sun...mellow Sun...ovations by the audience and of course humour and laugh as only BST can :-) No need for any Sun glasses or Sun-cream protection :-)

 April 2010. Our 6th new acclaimed album INEXHAUSTIBLE album launch is on 22nd April. Go to Gigs page for details.

 April 2010. Watch our new live concert videos Har Us Live and videos from Branco's guitar classes, go to Guitar Tuition-All about page. 

 February 2010. NEW FEATURE> check out our new Photo Gallery, watch as slide show for a great experience...

 Feabruary 2010. Check Comments-The Audience new comments and a comment from our the youngest fan...14 months old!!!

 January 2010. We'll be doing our new 6th album CD launch very this space and GIGS page.

 November 2009. Branco Stoysin Trio plays at LODNON JAZZ FESTIVAL see Gigs page....

 November 2009. GREAT DEALS on our CDs/DVDs sale in NOVEMBER...No use of having January sales when we all need gifts for the forthcoming December festive season. Therefore we at Sun Recordings are offering, during whole month of November, over 10% reduction on all our 6 acclaimed album releases and even greater savings with our multi buy options. This is only available from our Web Store.

 October 2009. Special NEWS for a very special man, musician DJ and friend: A concert in memory of Campbell Burnap 1939-2008. THE 100 CLUB ALL STARS With Richie Bryant, Nick Dawson, Ron Drake, John Rees-Jones, Enrico Tomasso and Roy Williams. 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street Sunday, 22nd, November 11.30am to 3.00pm  Admission: £7.00 On the Door or from Website:

 July 2009. NEW! WEB STORE > We now have our own Web Store. You can purchase all our CD albums and DVDs directly from us simply, safely and securely using your credit card and/or PayPal. Multi Buy Saving options available!

 July 2009. We are now on YouTube search as Branco Stoysin and watch our live videos or go direct from our Hear Us Live  page... see you there...

 COINCIDENCE? NO. MAGICAL, YES! May Sunday 24th 2009. our new 6th album "INEXHAUSTIBLE" was released, celebrating 12th anniversary of Sun Recordings label. And, no, that was not a coincidence, that Sunday was the Sunniest day ever, blessed with the rays from an inexhaustible star that grant us the light and life... Days before and after that day were all dark, cold and cloudy :>) That was not a coincidence. The Sun was greeting inexhaustible music, an inexhaustible BST. To get a feel of this new album please see Discography page of our website. 

 May 2009. The New 6th ALBUM is now AVAILABLE exclusively from our Web Store and Jazzcds click to go direct or /go to discography page/ before it's official release end of May and its availability in all good record shops by the end of June.

 February 2009. THE NEW 6TH TRIO ALBUM to be released soon. Probably our the liveliest and brightest yet... all new originals... watch this space...

 November 2008. Special DVD release available NOW!  See under Discography. Genuine live recording, no digital editing of music and sound. 8 tracks, 48 minutes of sheer joy and feeling of really being there. DVD is in Stereo Dolby Digital, PAL colour, 16:9 and will play in all regions. DVDs are exclusively available from our Web Store and JAZZCDS website. Limited edition. DVDs are despatched on the same day order is received. For preview go to Hear Us Live and watch clips of 4 tracks.

 October 2008. New feature - Watch live videos, go to Hear Us Live page. All clips are genuine live recordings, with camcorder and single stereo mike, no digital editing of the music and sound. Recorded at PIZZA EXPRESS JAZZ CLUB, London.

 September 2008. Trio soon starts Autumn/Winter touring.  Please see Gig Listings page. As always it will be a unique chance to catch some Sun-shine when darkness and winter hibernation come upon us. We hope, by your presence, that you will continue to support the creation and existence of BST's Sun-shine music in nowadays avalanche of all kind of dark shades imposed onto us :>)

 May 2008. The trio has begun recording of a new 6th album...

 February 2008. Humphrey Lyttelton - THE BEST OF JAZZ on BBC2 Radio. A track CALM BEFORE STORM from our 5th acclaimed album QUIET STREAM BREAKS THE ROCKS was played on Humphrey Lyttelton's The Best Of Jazz show on Monday 18th February...

 September 2007. Quiet Stream Breaks The Rocks, release of new 5th album marks the 10th anniversary of Sun Recordings label with the album launch at Pizza Express Jazz club, 10 Dean St. London W1.

 April 2007. Charity Donation: Like last year, from the Lily Of The Valley album sale, during April, Branco will donate £5 (50%) of every new 5th album sold to the project "Magic & Toys" organised by Andy and Maja Momcilovic-Jordan and Serbian Council of GB in helping misfortunate children of Serbia who live in poverty, are in orphanages, hospitals, refuge camps etc. A great opportunity to help a good cause and obtain the album before its official release date.

 January 2007. Branco Stoysin Trio is currently recording their 5th new album. A lot of new original tunes, some classics from previous 4 acclaimed releases in new arrangements and of course several from ancient Yugoslav/Balkan traditional folk repertoire...Watch this space!